Smart Waste Collection with Sentilo

Smart Waste Collection with Sentilo

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Waste collection is an essential city service, but frequently very inefficient and resource-intensive. In order to improve that situation, our city partners have decided to build Smart Waste Collection systems based on their Sentilo platforms.

So Barcelona City Council through the application of IOT, Big Data and Stream Processing technologies is changing the management and monitoring paradigm, from a reactive model based on reports of what happened yesterday, to a proactive model with the ability to monitor in real time.

More examples are in Terrassa, where City Council has deployed a “Complex Events Processor (CEP)” module based on Sentilo, within the framework of a waste collection optimization project. Smart rubbish-bins have volumetric, temperature, movement and battery sensors that publish data using LORA protocols on the city Sentilo platform. The CEP processes data received in real time and applies rules optimizing itineraries, times and collection areas.

More information:
Hacia un modelo de gestión de residuos sostenible para la Smart City (Spanish)
Towards a sustainable waste management model for the Smart City (English, Google translated)

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