Key Features

Sentilo is distributed with a set of components as you can see here, and also with a series of key features in order to achieve the success of the platform:

  • High performance: the platform is designed focusing in performance to process thousands of messages in a very fast response time.
  • Modular and extensible: Defines a component architecture in order to enlarge the platform funcionality without modifying the core system.
  • Horizontal scalability: allowing an easy distribution of load.
  • Cross platform: Designed as a cross product not focused in any concrete business requirement, fleeing from vertical solutions.
  • Open Source: In order to share contributions and improvements and create an ecosystem of companies around it.
  • Simple REST Interface: it provides a simple, easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Universal viewer: Provided as a public demo that can be used as a starting point for specific business visualizers.
  • Basic statistics module: Records and displays basic platform performance indicators.
  • Catalogue and administration console: Intended to manage the devices installed in the street and its users (providers and applications).
  • Strong partnership: Last but not least, the sponsorship of Barcelona city council and the participation of a lot of companies guarantees the solidity of the product and its future.

The benefits obtained by using Sentilo are:

  • Escape from ITC vertical solutions organized in silos.
  • Reduce dependency on specific technologies, solutions or providers
  • Avoid isolated compartments where the applications cannot access data from other applications.
  • Minimize duplicity and multiplicity of data and infrastructures
  • Lower investments and maintenance costs.