Sentilo partners are community members who support the project with some kind of collaboration, either as users or as providers of services or parts.


Catalan Water Agency (ACA) is the public agency of the Generalitat of Catalonia responsible for planning and managing the water resources of the country. The agency participates in water supply, water waste treatment and protection and preservation of water environment. ACA has open published water volumes of reservoirs of the inner basins through Sentilo API in order to encourage the public use and dissemination of such information.
Cambrils is a tourist municipality, with a population almost 34.000 people, certified with the seal of quality awarded by the Government of Catalonia as a Family Tourism Destination. Cambrils City Hall has deployed Sentilo as the platform that integrates the diverse data gathering sensors located in the city.
Granollers, with a population of more than 60.000 people, is the capital of Vallès Oriental, in the province of Barcelona. The City Hall has deployed Sentilo as the platform that integrates the diverse data gathering sensors located in the city with the support of Diputació de Barcelona.
Reus, with a population of more than 100.000 people, is the capital of Baix Camp, in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. Reus City Hall has deployed Sentilo as the platform that integrates the diverse data gathering sensors located in the city.
Sant Feliu de Llobregat, with a population of about 45.000 people, is the capital of Baix Llobregat, in the province of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. Sant Feliu City Hall has deployed Sentilo as a sensor platform integrated with the expert system SkyNet.  
The AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area) is a public administration with competencies in the areas of social cohesion, territorial and urban planning, mobility, transport, waste management, water supply, environment protection, social housing, infrastructures and economic promotion in the metropolitan territory.  
Diputació de València, as a Provincial Council, provides services to the 266 municipalities and 26 other local entities in its area. This organization is leading the innovation among those local entities and fostering the social development of the terrritory.  
Dubai Municipality is the municipal body under the Government of Dubai with jurisdiction over city services such as major infrastructure (buildings, parks, drainage & irrigation), environment, waste management, health and public safety services in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 1954 by the then Crown Prince of Dubai, H.H Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and is regarded as one of the largest governmental institutions in terms of services rendered and projects executed. The Dubai Municipality is the leading driver of growth and evolution of the Emirate of Dubai with over 11,000 employees working in 34 departments.  


Bettair Cities is a hard-tech company, located in Barcelona, which empowers cities and communities to effectively mitigate pollution by providing actionable and reliable data. Bettair’s vision is to assist cities to reduce air pollution at a worldwide level improving incalculably the quality of life.  
Bluewave is an Italian company founded in 2000 that develops and manufactures electroacoustic devices and noise measurement systems. Bluewave is specialized in the development of pervasive environmental noise monitoring networks for smart cities.  
Boreal Information Technology, is a company specialized in geo-sensorization and mobility solutions. Boreal IT manufactures hardware and develops software for managing data sensitized environments. Its main product, InfoGEO, is a real-time web GIS application oriented towards any company and corporation that has a geographic environment as their scope of activity, it is specialized in waste collecting systems, smart parkings, and urban gardens and is a Sentilo compliant product.  
CatPL is the catalan association of open source firms, devoted to promoting FOSS based technologies and models in enterprise, public administrations and society in general. CatPL is providing advice to Sentilo about legal issues and support to the management of the Community.  
Company founded in 1969 specialising in research, development and manufacture of instruments for noise & vibration. All our products are designed with our own patents.  
Design and manufacture of electrical energy efficiency equipment. Measurement and control, industrial electric protection, quality and metering, power factor compensation and harmonic filtering and smart charge of electric vehicles. CIRCUTOR is one of the leading companies involve in research and development of standard bridges, to integrate all kind of Modbus devices (RTU and TCP) in Platform of Sensors and Actuators Barcelona (PSAB).  
City Protocol is a collaborative innovation framework that fosters city-centric solutions which benefit citizens and their quality of life. It seeks to define a common systems view for cities of any size or type and then embraces or develops protocols that will help cities deploy cross-sectorial solutions that can connect and break city silos.  
Controlli Delta is a company specialized in the regulation, control and management of facilities. We offer innovative products, services and solutions that help improve the operation and energy efficiency of buildings, reducing operating costs.  
CTRL4 ENVIRO builds monitoring and control solutions for environment.  
dBelectronics is a company that is exclusively dedicated to design, manufacture and marketing of hardware and software which are destinated to noise control. The investment we have done in R + D + i, the collaboration with our clients and the team that composes the Company who is highly competitive and widely formed, allows us a continuous evolution towards more efficient products in its function, with a simple handling and easy installation. All this together with the satisfactory results we have obtained in recent years plus the trust placed by all our customers, allows us to position ourselves at the forefront of the electro-acoustic sector and noise control.  
Distromel is a company that works in environmental management systems and urban areas, these are the center of the activity of Distromel. Distromel offers solutions that are designed to optimize and simplify the treatment and waste collection. Distromel designs, produces and supports hardware and software with a lot of experience in the environmental area.  
Effilogics is a technology based company specialized in Energy Management Systems (EMS) applying innovative IoT and Big Data technologies. Effilogics’ leading platform facilities Smart Energy projects by collecting energy information, analyzing energy usage and controlling remote devices. Sentilo is key to Effilogics because it enables adding intelligence based on data from multiple and heterogeneous sources.  
Enerkia is an energy services company that includes gas distribution, gas and electricity commercialization and the development of energy saving projects, which include the Plataform Smart Energy (PSE) platform for energy efficiency management that facilitates Smart projects Energy by applying innovative IoT and Big Data technologies, by collecting energy information, analyzing energy use and controlling remote devices. Sentilo is key to Enerkia in urban projects because it allows to add intelligence based on data from multiple and heterogeneous data sources.  
Enevo is the leading provider of smart sensors and logistics optimization solutions for the waste management and recycling industry. We help both commercial waste management companies and public organizations to operate more resource efficiently.  
Epidata is an American Multinational Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development solutions. It has a proven track record of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon and Walmart since 2003. It helps them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new Technologies. Epidata is open source and agile by definition.  
ETRA is a leading Industrial Group which constitutes the Smart City Center of Excellence of ACS Corporation. This key position is based in ETRA’s intense research, development and innovation activities. ETRA’s mission is putting technology to work for serving society in the fields of mobility, energy efficiency, security and communications. The Company expertly and effectively combines the Smart City technology model with the provision of specific, tangible solutions which do improve citizen’s quality of life as well as the efficiency of city services managers (be them public or private) in the use of their limited human, material and environmental resources.  
Faracloud is a company located in Iran that provides technology to securely connect, process, store, analze and fuse data streams both at the edge and in the cloud. Faracloud uses Sentilo for the sensors platform layer and has installed air quality sensors around Tehran, providing raw data to smart contextualized applications aware of air quality index.  
HOPU brings innovation through the latest technologies such as AI, IoT and Data-Quality. We are there to support decisions for environmental assessment and digital transformation through data-powered tools and our genuine IoT devices to monitor air quality, noise and environmental parameters (Smart Spot). HOPU is the leader in data quality, cost-effective solutions and services to monitor gases, toxic substances, odours (VOC), pollens, urban health, and emissions from industry, ports and Smart Cities.  
Id law partners is a boutique law firm in Barcelona specialising in ICT law, with a special focus on Free Software and content. Id law partners has helped Sentilo review its code base, choose its license, and with other legal aspects of the community.  
The most efficient technology on the market based on cloud computing and big data architecture, to obtain the best performance in data integration and business analytics. IDbox is a set of software components that allows us to integrate all available information into a smart network to manage energy consumption, transport, security, traffic, environment, waste, etc. The system processes all collected signals and provides tools for analysis that enable the user to make decisions. The goal is to have all information centralized on a single platform accessible from any device. Every user can have his own customized services that generate an additional value to the whole process.  
IGS Research, Customized microelectronic devices for Science and Engineering.  
Inelcom is a global company, with presence in Spain and Latin America, specializing in turnkey projects with more than thirty years of experience in the electronic equipment and systems market. Clients are given an integral service that covers the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operation of equipment and systems, always keeping in mind the objective of protecting their investment.  
Informatica El Corte Ingles S.A. (IECISA) has an extensive experience in solutions encompassed within the Smart City concept and specifically in intelligent video processing. In recent years he has made video analysis projects, based in sensors, with a great variety of approaches like intrusion detection, people counting and detection of patterns of behavior.  
Keacoustics is an acoustics engineering firm based in Barcelona. It has developed KeNoise, an acoustic management tool suitable to deal with a wide range of noise pollution scenarios. It provides a reliable, flexible and highly customizable platform to manage acoustic pollution in real time integrating different sensors and technologies.  
Libelium delivers a powerful, modular, easy to program open source sensor platform for the Internet of Things enabling system integrators to implement reliable Smart Cities and M2M solutions with minimum time to market. The versatile platform allows implementation of any Wireless Sensor Network, from Smart Parking to Smart Irrigation solutions. Libelium has integrated its Waspmote Plug&Sense with Sentilo.  
Mayflower Smart Control is an entity of SSE Enterprise Contracting, one of the UK’s largest mechanical and electrical contracting businesses. They’re responsible for some of the world’s largest CMS (Central Management Systems) and operate with over 30 local authorities across the UK and Ireland, controlling over 330,000 lighting points. Mayflower supports Sentilo for data repository of sensors. In the Mayflower solution, ZigBee based sensors upload data on to a Sentilo based platform from where client analytics platforms extract them using Sentilo API’s.  
OASYS is a Systems Integration and Developing Company which provides a large experience in design, development and implementation of Control Systems for industrial Plants and Processes, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Infrastructure and Mobility ecosystems. Our experience give us important technical skills and a deep knowledge of sensors, transducers, PACs, M2M frameworks, SCADA Systems and also developing many tailored tools and integration through the use of several interfaces and over multiple platforms, including Sentilo’s APIs and tools.  
OPS Consulting is a company in Barcelona specializing in open source, with a special focus in community consulting and project management. OPS Consulting is helping Sentilo managing the community project, disseminating the platform and with other aspects related to the community organization.  
Pavapark is a young and dynamic company specializing in urban mobility. Committed to improving the quality of life of the cities in which it collaborates, Pavapark brings solutions and manages assets with a clear orientation towards the development of the Smart City, betting on innovative mobility solutions that adapt to the needs of people.  
SAMCLA is a company specialized in the design and making of equipment directed to the efficient control of watering systems of urban gardening. The company’s concern is the reduction of costs in water consumption as well as in the maintenance of green zones.  
Satel Iberia is a company specialized in monitoring and remote control solutions that manufactures under the brand SenNet, devices such as: dataloggers, electricity meters, gateways, comfort sensors and pulse counters for water, gas, etc.. SenNet products allow you to communicate via cable or radio frequency with your its sensors or existing meters in the facilities, regardless of the manufacturer, through standard protocols including fiscal meters communication as IEC870-5-102 or DLMS/COSEM. All SenNet gateways and loggers implement the option of sending all captured data through the Sentilo API.  
Sensefields is a Barcelona based company that develops cutting-edge solutions for traffic management based on wireless-sensor networks. Its station for traffic information collection offers multiple protocols and data formats for real time data integration without complicated glue-code development, including Sentilo’s API.  
The company SIGE performs monitoring and automation projects. Over time we have been specialized in control systems for CHP plants, as well as energy monitoring oriented tertiary facilities. We has extensive experience in the implementation of monitoring and control systems in the energy sector. SIGE develops proprietary software for tasks of analysis, design, monitoring, control and data acquisition.  

Sinapse was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing solutions to improve efficiency and contribute to energy savings in electricity networks, especially in the public and private lighting. Nowadays we opened our scope and we create IoT devices to monitor sensors in the city. Sinapse participates in the common goal of create a sustainable planet by making good use of existing resources. The R & D team is constantly developing solutions with this objective. SINAPSE ENERGIA develops, designs, innovates and manufactures electronic equipment for managing networks. We Integrate our system, with a priority that is the universality of systems.
SmartDataSystem is a monitoring, management and control platform in the cloud, with Big Data Character, open, standard, horizontal, interoperable, scalable, and bidirectional designed to collect, store, search, share, analyze and visualize large amounts of data of any kind generated by any type of sensor or device connected to internet and with a very clear focus on Smart Cities, industry supervision and control, building and facility management, energy management, saving resources and environmental and economic optimization process. SmartDataSystem is based on the intermediate IoT sensor platform Sentilo.  
Starlab’s mission is to transform science into technologies with a profound positive impact on society. Our vision is to make science more useful, alive, vibrant, faster. As market-oriented scientists, we believe that the potential for innovation is greater when we rethink the basics together with our clients. We build on scientific research and sound engineering to deliver disruptive solutions.  
Experts in Technology, information and knowledge. Specialized in working jointly with the customer thorough all the process until the initial vision turns into reality. TESEM is helping Sentilo defining the community ecosystem and coordinating the connection of new sensors and applications to Sentilo.  
Thingtia is Sentilo in the cloud … a ready-to-use IoT SaaS platform based on Sentilo driven by thingtia solutions,  SL, created early 2017, a spin off company of Opentrends. Thingtia offers several services such as: SaaS Plans with a flexible freedom of choice, where you choose your increasing platform availability on SaaS mode, on a private instance or on premise; support plans; training plans; partners network; and certification programs.  
TST is a company with a large experience in the creation of IoT products. Combining its knowledge in the area of telecommunications, microelectronics and programming, TST is able to bring to life any IoT solution imaginable, always optimizing its performance, reliability and costs. As one of the building blocks of the CityOS initiative and a reference API for the IoT world, TST has great interest in being involved in the Sentilo initiative and become an active partner. TST next API release will include a library to allow seamless work with Sentilo over WiFi, Ethernet and GPRS interfaces in the TSmarT platform.  
The University of the Balearic Islands invites you to study in a work-oriented environment designed to educate, generate knowledge and innovate, while always aspiring to excellence in research and quality. The UIB is a time-honoured member of prominent international university networks, it has attracted countless students from abroad and successfully joined the European Space for Higher Education.  
URBIOTICA is a technology based company, founded in Barcelona in 2008, that designs, develops and markets a full range of IoT based products and solutions, that improve the management and user experience of urban services: mobility, environment.  
Wattabit was born in 2013 to improve and scale energy efficiency services through digitalization and the latest IoT technology. The web-based platform, W-City, enables users to monitor and control city assets like street lighting or smart buildings, optimize energy and maintenance from one single place. Learn more about Wattabit at  
Webdom Labs manufactures and markets, hardware and software for energy monitoring. Webdom equipment allows reading and controlling electricity, water and gas meters, for industrial monitoring applications. Webdom Labs was born in 2011, in the spirit of collecting, processing and displaying energy consumption data in real time. The concept, initially developed for monitoring the  production of photovoltaic energy, is now applicable to public buildings, industrial, commercial or domestic environments.  
Wonderware is a company leader in developing technological systems for managing real-time operations in smart cities (environmental services, roadways, communications, transportations, waste management, traffic, security, …) and infrastructures (airports, electricity and water distribution, motorways, railways, …).  
Worldsensing is a technological company founded in 2008 in Barcelona, specialising in IoT and M2M wireless technologies. Its Traffic Division includes Fastprk, a smart parking which guides drivers to the nearest parking space, and Bitcarrier, a smart traffic management system that enables the authority to establish strategies after tracking vehicles and routes.  Worldsensing has deployed its technology in 14 countries.  
Specialists in creating solutions based on the wireless sensor networks technology and under the paradigm of Internet of Things (IoT), Zolertia has focused on environmental monitoring, deploying in Barcelona a noise & air quality monitoring system for the Born’s Cultural Center and the constructions in Av. de l’Estatut and Torrent de l’Espinagosa.