Free and Open Source Software

Sentilo is free and open source software, licensed under a dual licensing regime, under the EUPL 1.1 and LGPL3 licenses (or later versions). This means you can download, install, build, use, extend, modify and redistribute the code (provided compliance with the license terms, of course). You can choose which license you use the code under.

– For more information on the EUPL 1.1 license, please see here.

– For more information on the LGPLv3 license, please see here.

For more information generally about free software and open source licensing, there is good information on Wikipedia here, and you can also consult here or here.

Sentilo is distributed as free and open source software so that any third party may use, improve the software (for any purpose) and, if they want, they can share their improvements with us.


We welcome contributions to our code, in particular any bug notifications and corrections, and of course any improvements and extensions or additions.

We publish our roadmap, so you may see what we think the direction the software should go, and we welcome any suggestions for this roadmap.

For any contributions to the code or documentation, or questions about the Sentilo community, please contact us on so we can evaluate whether they would benefit the community as a whole. To maintain the integrity of Sentilo, we will need to exercise discretion as to whether contributions you offer are included in the official source tree.


You may also build plug-ins, extensions, and other software that adapts or integrates with Sentilo. There is no limitation or conditions on your use of these extensions. The Sentilo licenses also do not affect the downstream licensing terms of your extensions or additions, provided they are not derivative works of Sentilo. For example, plug-ins or code that interacts with Sentilo through its APIs and other interfaces can be licensed under the license of your choice. If they are derivative works, however, and you wish to redistribute these, then you must comply with the terms of either of the above licenses (and please indicate which license, or preferably both, you are using): basically, you need to ensure the end-user or client has access copy of the source code of the Sentilo code (and its modifications) you are distributing, but not the extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, etc or any code that uses Sentilo as a platform.

In either event, if you release your code under and open source license, please notify us as this may be interesting to either build into the Sentilo platform, or publish on our site as a compatible code.

Commercial Use

There are no restrictions to commercial use of Sentilo: you may build and install Sentilo and sell services or license software extensions to third parties. You may also install Sentilo and provide its services on a (for payment) SaaS basis. Please check the license conditions if you are redistributing the original or modified code (see above).

Sentilo Trademarks (Name and/or Logo)

While the EUPL and LGPL licenses give you freedom to use and change the software, this does not apply to the Sentilo trademark and logo, which we have a responsibility manage and protect. This trademark is important to us as it identifies the project and the community, and is also important for the public and the members of this community, which will associate our trademarks with the quality and reputation of our code. Please review our Trademark Guidelines for more information about when the Sentilo trademark can and shouldn’t be used.

You must obtain prior written approval from us if you wish to use the Sentilo Trademark for any purposes that are not permitted above, including commercial purposes. Please contact us on or through our contact form.

Subject to specific provisions that may be agreed with us, the general rules for using the “Sentilo” Trademark for any commercial purposes are set out below, for publicity and information purpose only:

  • You may only use the Sentilo trademark for promoting a product or service that incorporates or is using the latest or latest-but-one version of the Sentilo technologies, which are made available under a free and open source license at
  • You may use the Sentilo trademark in your product or service name / description, provided it is always preceded by your own trademark or product or service name, such as “Foobar Sentilo platform” or “Foobar Sentilo cloud service”. As such, it must not be the prominent feature in your product/service’s name, logo or domain name.
  • You may not use the Sentilo trademark as a top level domain name, but you may use it as a subdomain or URL element (eg. or
  • You must indicate, in the main page of your website and product documentation, that you are using the Sentilo technologies built by the Sentilo Community, and must provide a link to the website. On first use of the Sentilo trademark (either associated to your product/service’s name or on your website or documentation, in any manner other than in a title or heading) you must add the registered trademark symbol ® to the Sentilo trademark with a footnote or similar note stating “Sentilo is a registered trademark of the Institut Municipal de Informàtica of Barcelona City Council”.
  • Use of the Sentilo trademark is non-exclusive and you may not, in any event, register a trademark containing the Sentilo trademark in any manner.
  • You may use hyperlinks or embed or link parts of Sentilo’s social media accounts or pages in your website or documentation, provided that you clearly set out such media to be referring to Sentilo technologies or community.
  • Misrepresentation. You must not create the impression that your product/service is in any way endorsed, sponsored by or part of either the Barcelona City Council or the Sentilo community. Permission to use the Sentilo trademark does not constitute endorsement.
  • The Sentilo trademark may not be used for illegal, defamatory or any other purposes that may negatively impact on the Sentilo technologies and/or community or the Barcelona City Council.
  • You may not appropriate the Sentilo trademark as if it were your own. You may not modify the Sentilo trademark.
  • You may buy “Sentilo” as an adword or similar in search engines provided you do not cause any confusion and you respect the terms of the search engine providers.
  • We’ll may revoke your permission to use the Sentilo trademark if you do not follow the rules set out herein.

Please note that the Sentilo trademark may be used for descriptive or reference purposes (referring to the Sentilo technologies and/or community) in accordance with Spanish trademark law.