Sentilo was in Barcelona Mobile World Congress

Sentilo was in Barcelona Mobile World Congress

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Sentilo was demonstrated to people interested in mobile technologies during the Mobile World Congress 2014, at the Barcelona City Hall stand. We had the opportunity to speak about Sentilo to many people, including some of the VIPs who were there. Prince Felipe of Spain, Artur Mas, president of Catalonia and the Spain Industry Minister, J. M. Soria were hosted at the stand by the Major of Barcelona, Xavier Trias. They were very interested in the Smart City model developed by Barcelona and specifically in the Sentilo project. Open source platform Sentilo, used in the Barcelona Smart City architecture, was one of the components that
positively surprised those VIPs as they acknowledged the importance of sharing and saving public resources those days. We’d like to thank Barcelona City Hall for letting us demonstrate Sentilo in their official stand.

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