Sentilo User Day Barcelona 2015

Sentilo User Day Barcelona 2015

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Next June 16th, Sentilo Community and friends will meet at our first “Sentilo User Day”, in Barcelona.

All of Sentilo code and components are Open Source. So any city can use it freely to gather data from the sensors it deploys, to provide applications with this data and send commands to the actuators on the field. The platform is totally open, brand independent and provides an open and free API to applications that is based on standards.

As a main goal of our community, we’re working to make it as easy as possible for cities, companies or even individuals to become Sentilo users and join our community, as users or/and contributors.

At our Sentilo User Day event, current users will share their experiences, achievements and discuss problems. The Sentilo team will explain to the community what has been already done and what our future plans are.

See the complete agenda and register, if you wish to assist, on

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