Sentilo in the SCEWC 2021

Sentilo in the SCEWC 2021

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Once again, Sentilo has been present at the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress, hold from Nov 16th to Nov 18th. Thanks to some of the core Sentilo sponsors (thanks, Barcelona City Hall, for let us use your stand!) we have been able to present some of the new features of lastest Sentilo version 1.9, released a few months ago, and why Sentilo has become a core component of the CityOS Initiative.

What? Don’t you know about the CityOS?

Well, the short story is that CityOS is a joint venture of several big cities who wish to “help the world build Open Cities”, making open source city software available to all. CityOS is an open library of open source software, APIs, and apps publicly available to quickly develop smart cities from scratch.

More information about CityOS:

CityOS Architecture

More information about the SCEWC 2021:

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