Sentilo in “Les Corts” smart parking project

Sentilo in “Les Corts” smart parking project

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Sentilo is going to be used in Barcelona “Les Corts” smart parking project.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the time drivers need to find a vacant place and to improve the use of parking resources of the neighbourhood. More than 500 places in the street are going to be monitored by installing sensors integrated in the urban infrastructure. The sensors will provide different data that will be gathered and transmitted by the Barcelona Sentilo platform.

Traditional smart-parking apps aren’t as useful as might be expected for drivers seeking open spots because when a parking space is vacated, there is a delay while the sensor’s signal moves through the wireless network, reaches the centralized system and finally arrives on a driver’s phone. We expect Sentilo will reduce that time to just a few seconds, improving dramatically the usability of such apps.

After a 9 month trail, the city will evaluate how the system is reducing traffic congestion -the kind caused by circling drivers seeking parking spots- and its related pollution. If the results are satisfactory, Barcelona will plan more deployments citywide.

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