Sentilo for Kids in Terrassa Smart City

Sentilo for Kids in Terrassa Smart City

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The City of Terrassa has organized a new school activity called “Sentilo for Kids”. The aim is to engage high school students with the goals of the Terrassa Smart City initiative through the Sentilo platform.
In its first stage students will build a city model with diverse sensors that will send their data to the actual Sentilo Terrassa platform. In a second phase, the resulting model will be used for new school activities aimed at primary school students.
Two schools, Escola Sant Domènech Savi and Centre Educatiu Vedruna Vall have already been engaged in the activity and it is now included in its school curriculum. The students will explore how to connect to Terrassa’s Sentilo platform with the support of the City technical staff and the information available through the Sentilo Community for Arduino and Raspberry Pi based sensors.

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