New Sentilo release 1.5.1 is now multi-tenant

New Sentilo release 1.5.1 is now multi-tenant

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We are proud to announce that Sentilo 1.5.1 has been released and can be now downloaded from github. Most outstanding improvements are:

  • Multi-tenant features, aimed to provide a SAAS Sentilo instance. Multi-tenant features will allow to deploy multi-tenant Sentilo instances to be deployed in order to provide SAAS services for cities with maturity model level 3
  • Statistics indicators improvements, with new counters registered per tenant (if the Sentilo instance has been enabled the multi-tenants)
  • Anonymous access to data through API, to provide an open public access to non personal data
  • New fields in notifications sent by Sentilo
  • Limit of 10 events per request has been increased to 200 events when the
    request is filtered per sensor
  • General configuration settings through the catalogue console
  • New User role features
  • Alert agent optimization

The development of the multi-tenant features have been sponsored by Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) as a basis for its smart region provincial platform.

More information about all the new features on

Feel free to download the new version from

Access to the Diputacio de Barcelona’s multi-tenant Sentilo instance on

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