More than 100 people at Sentilo User Day 2015

More than 100 people at Sentilo User Day 2015

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We were very happy to notice at the Sentilo User Day 2015 event how our user community is quickly growing and using Sentilo in very different ways.

More than 100 people from cities and industries were sharing Sentilo experiences and new ideas for future development. We’re proud to have provided a very friendly forum where participants from cities and from tech companies were able to talk together about the future of Sentilo and their sensor-based projects.

We want to thank the cities and public organizations that came and shared their experiences with us: the city halls of Terrasa, Barcelona, Reus and Cambrils, the Metropolitan Barcelona Area, the Barcelona provincial government, and the cities of Mataró, Tarragona and St. Feliu.

We expect more cities to be users of the platform in the near future, so we’re confident the next Sentilo User Day will gather many more people and provide more experiences to share.

You can download some of the experiences from the links below. Most of them are in Catalan, but mainly it’s just tech jargon anyway! :-)

01 – Intro
02 – Terrassa
03 – Barcelona
04 – Reus
05 – Cambrils
06 – AMB
07 – DiBa
08 – Mataro
09 – SantFeliu
10 – Wrap-Up

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