Future steps in Sentilo development

Future steps in Sentilo development

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Sentilo Community has expressed during latest months some of its interest and proposals for improvements of the platform. The most popular suggestions are:

  1. Working in a data ontology for sensor data, in order to facilitate data sharing among Sentilo Cities.
  2. Developing a “Sentilo federation” functionality, in order to connect different Sentilo instances for data and sensor sharing
  3. Identifying security improvements to deploy in the next versions. (Barcelona City Hall audits regularly the software used in its platforms, and as a Sentilo community member will share the results regarding Sentilo to any interested partner.)
  4. Designing and deploying an architecture for a “High Available Sentilo”.
  5. Expanding the “Sentilo for kids” and “Sentilo for citizens” projects in order to make the platform more pervasive to students and citizens
  6. Studying a way to share vertical applications developed by the Sentilo Community through a “marketplace”

We hope to deal with those topics during next months and include some of them in our next release. Feel free to contact the development team if you wish to collaborate in any way. Any help is welcome!

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