Terrassa joins the Sentilo Community

Terrassa joins the Sentilo Community

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Terrassa City Hall has chosen Sentilo as a key element in its strategy for the deployment of the Smart technologies in the city. Terrassa is going to develop new modules to improve Sentilo in different aspects, such security or user management. The source code of the improvements will be contributed to the Sentilo community. In Terrassa City Hall’s roadmap, it intends to use Sentilo to integrate all its monitoring and telemanagement systems with its local services management platforms. The platform is going to be operative in June 2014 and the first integrated services will be:

  • The “Terrassa Energia Intel·ligent” project, a smart energy project where Sentilo will be the element that integrates the energy consumption monitoring systems and the efficiency platforms for metering and verification. More information at
  • The optimization of routes for the new smart garbage collection system, where Sentilo will integrate the on-board control systems, enable access to information about routes and emptied containers.

  • Smart watering and team management in the parks and green urban areas of the city.

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