Our sponsor Diba wins Cisco Award to Digital Transformation

Our sponsor Diba wins Cisco Award to Digital Transformation

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Our sponsor Diba (Barcelona Provincial Council) has been awarded the “Cisco Award to Digital Transformation 2018”. The jury has highlighted the work made by Diba in order to build a Smart Region and provide advanced cloud services to the 311 municipalities inside its demarcation.

Sentilo has been highlighted as a platform that improves the efficiency of the management of the urban systems and the basis for an intelligent urban platform to support Diba’s municipalities sensor-based smart environment projects.

Diba has contributed to Sentilo the software code that supported multi-tenant features, also aimed at providing SaaS capability for Sentilo. Multi-tenant features have allowed our partners to deploy multi-tenant instances and SaaS services for cities with maturity model level 3.  Multi-tenant Sentilo has been the basis for Diba’s smart region provincial platform.

More information here (translated to English by Google Translator).

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