Sentilo provided data to iCity app developers

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On December 18, iCityproject organized in Barcelona the workshop “How to do your first iCity app”. Over 50 app developers attended the event. The workshop’s objective was to get participants registered and ready to use the iCity platform in order to develop the first app prototypes based in the data provided by Sentilo and the Smart Citizen platform.

During the workshop Marc Garriga, acting as a link between the iCity project and the community of developers, explained how the iCity is openning Barcelona’s IT infrastructures so third parties can create, implement and deploy public interest services. Then, Àlex Sala and Laia Sanjuan, from Abertis Telecom, responsibles of the platform implementation, andd Bernat Romagosa, from Citilab, made a demo to develop a simple app using the iCity platform.

Finally, project responsibles and participants started a debate over what infrastructures they would like to access, the licenses that will be used, new API functionalites, as well as the continuity of the service once the project ends.

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