Sentilo on the highway

Sentilo on the highway

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Sentilo partner Mayflower Smart Control, jointly with the University of Birmingham and Amey from the Hampshire County Council, have launched a project that uses sensors and Sentilo to help highways teams make better gritting decisions. The goal is sensing localised road surface temperatures and weather, measured specifically on gritting routes, instead of basing maintenance decisions on weather forecasts covering relatively large areas.

Several sensors have been installed onto a “priority 1” gritting route in the Winchester area, as well as five new weather stations attached to street lighting columns that use the Mayflower Smart Control street lighting control network.

Commenting on the Wintersense pilot Patrick Mitchell, Managing Director of Mayflower Smart Control, said: “The Hampshire ‘Smart Winter’ project is a great illustration of innovation and collaboration to connect IOT devices and to begin to realise a smart county approach. As Smart street lighting networks are deployed across cities and counties, greater coverage will provide city and county managers with the option to install other compatible applications to gather more granular data, creating both immediate and long-term insight that will improve forecasting and effectiveness of services.”

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