Sentilo in the “Code the City” challenge at HackUPC

Sentilo in the “Code the City” challenge at HackUPC

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Project SilentCare, which uses Sentilo as a sensor data management platform, won the “Code the City” challenge at the HackUPC fest held on 7th-9th October this year in Barcelona. HackUPC is an international Hackathon where 273 hackers from over 20 countries gathered for 36 hours to code whatever they can dream of.

SilentCare is a project to take care of old people. It uses Sentilo along with a set of sensors installed in old peoples’ home to register patterns about “signals of life” in the house: door openings, light switching, furniture use, etc. If the pattern is abruptly altered the system triggers an alarm, as something unexpected has happened in the home.

The “Code the City” challenge has been sponsored by Opentrends, whose engineers supported the teams in the use of Sentilo during the hackathon.

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