Sentilo and gvSIG: Agreement to collaborate

Sentilo and gvSIG: Agreement to collaborate

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We are pleased to announce that Sentilo and gvSIG communities have reached an agreement to collaborate closely in order to make it easier for users, partners and developers of both communities to deploy an integrated sensor platform and a geographic information system, both based on open source.

gvSIG is an open source geographic information system (GIS), i.e. an application designed for capturing, storing, handling, analyzing and deploying any kind of referenced geographic information. gvSIG is known for having a user-friendly interface, being able to access the most common formats, both vector and raster ones. It features a wide range of tools for working with geographic-like information (query tools, layout creation, geoprocessing, networks, etc.).

The suite of GIS tools is reused in 160 countries, by local and regional administrations, national governments, and international organisations including the US’ space agency (NASA), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The collaboration agreement will provide mutual priority support among and for members of the two communities who wish to integrate Sentilo and gvSIC in their projects.

Both gvSIG and Sentilo were awarded in the Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017, organised by the European Commission, in the “Cross Border” category (gvSIG won the first prize and Sentilo won the third prize).

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