How well is Sentilo performing? Here are some stats

How well is Sentilo performing? Here are some stats

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We are so pleased with the results of preliminary stress tests that we want to share some statistics :)

During test we received more than 50 million requests with a maximum yield of 5,435 requests per second.
This peak has been achieved stressing the platform (redis server + api rest server) from the other 2 available servers in the same network segment (the web application and the mongodb), that is with no firewalls in between.

The platform supports this load without problems: about 2000 concurrent simulated users, with each user making 1-2 requests per second.
In this case we have 3000 requests/sec and average response times of 400-500 ms.
That equates to the load of 180,000 sensors sending sensor data every minute. (3000 req/sec. x 60 sec/minute = 180,000 req/minute)

The tests were conducted on Barcelona City Council’s Sentilo platform with this hardware:

  • Redis Server: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS / VM 4 Cores / 16 Gb RAM
  • API rest Server: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS / VM 4 Cores / 4 Gb RAM

You can see the current stats at (not stressed):


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