Exciting projects based on Sentilo in the SCEWC 2016

Exciting projects based on Sentilo in the SCEWC 2016

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Diba (Diputacio de Barcelona) devoted its stand on October 27th at midday to showcase some projects based on Sentilo. Representatives of the cities of Barcelona, Reus and Terrassa shared details of how their cities are using Sentilo to become more efficient.

Jordi Cirera, from Barcelona City Hall, explained how Barcelona is monitoring the energy produced and consumed by more than 95 buildings and solar panels; Albert Marin, from Terrassa, showed how his city has based its smart waste collection system on the data provided by sensors connected to Sentilo; Oscar Hellin, from Reus, told us how they chose
Sentilo as the sensor platform to deploy its SmartParking and SmartTransit projects; finally, Gregori Mora, from Diba, explained how Sentilo is the platform that helps to better manage the flows of visitors to the Natural Parks that Diba is responsible for.

The diversity of fields where Sentilo is being used shows the versatility of the platform and how easy it is to plug in different kinds of sensors and applications to Sentilo.

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