Effilogics’ energy management systems now compliant with Sentilo

Effilogics’ energy management systems now compliant with Sentilo

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Our partner Effilogics has recently released a new version of its Building Energy Management System fully compliant with Sentilo specifications.

With this novelty, Sentilo Community has now readily available the Effilogics full Smart Energy solution for buildings. That solution facilitates collecting energy information, analyzing energy usage and controlling remote devices such as cooling or lighting systems.

On one hand, the effiCORE gateway collects energy data, controls IoT deployments in buildings and connects to Sentilo. On the other hand, the effiMAP SaaS platform gathers information from Sentilo and offers to the user as a Energy Business Intelligence tool.

The solution is currently operating through Sentilo in representative facilities of Barcelona, such as El Born Centre Cultural.

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