City Protocol Society adopts Sentilo for its sensor and actuator architecture

City Protocol Society adopts Sentilo for its sensor and actuator architecture

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We welcome the City Protocol Society as a new partner to the Sentilo Community. Sentilo is the sensor and actuator architecture adopted in the protocol Open Sensor Platform proposed by the City Protocol Society because it aligns with its mission of helping cities to deploy cross-sectorial solutions that can avoid data silos.

City Protocol is a collaborative innovation framework that fosters city-centric solutions which benefit citizens and their quality of life. It seeks to define a common systems view for cities of any size or type, and then embraces or develops protocols that will help innovators create – and modern cities deploy – cross-sectorial solutions that can connect and/or break city silos.

City Protocol aims at working across diverse cities by interconnecting them and ultimately creating the “Internet of Cities”. To accomplish this goal, City Protocol adheres to a common vocabulary, to express ideas, and proposes a common understanding and tools for effective governance, transformation, collaboration and evaluation. They emanate from the City Anatomy, a foundational platform that together with the Anatomy Indicators (an extension of ISO 37120 to measure all city systems), a related Ontology, the Livable Districts and Cities proposal, and the Open Sensor Platform, constitute the five “foundational protocols.”

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