Announcing Sentilo 1.7.0

Announcing Sentilo 1.7.0

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We are proud to announce that Sentilo 1.7.0 has been released and can be now downloaded from github.

Main improvements include:

  • New features in data graphs: improvement in the visualization of graphs, scaling results and allowing to advance or go back in time.
  • New parameters to customize the display of dates and graphs
  • Export to excel of entities and user lists in the administration console
  • Do not show application / provider token for users with user role anymore
  • Visualization of complex data in public viewers and administration console.
  • New icons for types of component.
  • Fix potential XSS bug into the viewer page

All users of Sentilo 1.6.0 or earlier are advised to upgrade to the new version.

More information about all the new features on

Feel free to download the new version from

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