Announcing new Sentilo 1.9.0 release

Announcing new Sentilo 1.9.0 release

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We are proud to announce that Sentilo 1.9.0 has been released and can be now downloaded from github.

Main improvements include:

  • Now Sentilo offers rate limiting features for the REST API. Rate limiting prevents the Sentilo instance from request flooding. Also, protects external systems that are subscribed to Sentilo by limiting outcoming requests. Rate limiting
  • For all background maps, you can use either Google or Leaflet map provider. Through the latter you can consume any OGC WMS/WMTS service that provides a EPSG 3857 SRID.
  • The new Metrics section provides a real-time monitoring of all Sentilo modules, including agents. This information is useful when you want to rapidly assess the state of the service.

All users of Sentilo 1.8.0 or earlier are advised to upgrade to the new version.

More information about all the new features on release notes version 1.9.0

Feel free to download the new version from download Sentilo 1.9.0 zip format

Remember you can use Sentilo as a Virtual Machine too. Just download the appliance that contains the 1.9.0 Sentilo release which runs on Ubuntu Server 18.04 from here.

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