You can read and download a more complete document about Sentilo organization and governance rules from here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of natural persons and has seven members. The Executive Committee elects a chairperson and the chairperson's deputy from among its members.
Each Core Sponsor will directly nominate one member of the Executive Committee. The other members will be elected by the community every 2 years through a voting system established by the Membership Committee.

You can read and download the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings from here. 

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee consists of natural persons and shall have at least 5 members. The Project Leader and the Architecture, Development and Support Area Leaders are members of the Technical Committee. One member is elected by the Developer members community and the rest of the members are appointed by the Executive Committee by meritocracy.

You can read and download the minutes of the Technical Committee meetings from here. 

Cities Steering Committee

The Cities Steering Committee consists of a set of deputies appointed by the the City Sponsors, City Partners and other city members of the Sentilo community. The number of members will depend on the number of cities in the community, as every city will be able to nominate its deputy to the Cities Steering Committee.
The Cities Steering Committee will meet at least once a year and it's the forum where cities can make proposals, influence the roadmap and discuss best practices for Sentilo.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee consists of at least three individuals and a maximum of 9, but is always staffed to an odd number. The Membership Committee elects a chairperson among its members. The Membership Committee recognises/approves and keeps the record book of members of the community, in particular for the elections and monitoring the role of every member in the community (developer, contributor, sponsor, partner, supporter, ...)

You can read and download the minutes of the Membership Committee meetings from here. 

Advisory board

The Advisory Board counsels, supports, and submits proposals to the executive committee. The Executive Committee shall consider the Advisory Board statements, but is not bound by them. The Advisory Board consists of individuals and representatives from organisations (companies, cities, authorities, trade interest groups), that have substantially contributed to the Sentilo community. The main function of the Advisory Board is to advise the project from a technical and strategic point of view.

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