Technical FAQ

I successfully published an observation, but I cannot see the data in catalog.

Check that the Catalog and Sentilo API Server are in the same timezone, for example in UTC.
Make sure the sentilo-server script has the following VM option: 


Also, make sure that the Tomcat that hosts the Catalog application has the same option, for example en $JAVA_OPTS variable.

Maps is not showing up in Catalog application

Recently Google changed it policy regarding Maps key. Please go to and create one.

If you are using the last release of Sentilo(1.6) you can define the API key inside the configuration file:

# Google API key to use Google Maps
google.api.key=<your key> 

I created a provider and immediately after that, an observation using the new provider's token is rejected with 401 "Invalid credential"

The providers are activated in a background job that runs every 5 minutes. Please wait a moment :-)

The command mvn package appassembler:assemble fails.

You have to execute the command in the directory of the component you want to install.

I think I installed Sentilo. How can I confirm all is up & running?.

You can use this script:


You also might want to check Platform Testing

If you installed everything on your local machine, you can access the catalog at http://localhost:8080/sentilo-catalog-web and the REST API at http://localhost:8081

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