The alert service provides methods to record, edit or retrieve alerts definition.

All requests for this service will have the following format: 


where entity_id is optional and should be included depending on the operation. entity_id can be an Application or a Provider. 

There are two alert types: internal and external

The internal alerts are related to specific sensors and its logic is defined using basic math rules or configuring an inactivity time. They should be defined through the catalog console or by the  API, but only using the catalog token.
The related alarms are triggered always by the Sentilo platform when the alert logic occurs.

The external alerts are defined by third party entities, which will be the responsibles of calculating their logic and throw the related alarms when applies.

For both cases, the Sentilo platform is responsible of publishing the alarm for all entities subscribed to the related alert.


The available actions for this service are:

Internal trigger types


The list of trigger types accepted by Sentilo (and their associated expressions) are:

DescriptionExpression value
GTGreater than <expression>Any numerical value
GTEGreater than or equal <expression>Any numerical value 
LTLess than <expression>Any numerical value
LTELess than or equal <expression>Any numerical value
EQEqual <expression>Any value
CHANGEAny change  Not apply here
CHANGE_DELTAAny variation greater to delta <expression>Any numerical value between 0 and 100
FROZENNo data received in <expression> minutesAny numerical value  

The trigger types only apply for the internal alerts.

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